Fixin' Shit. I lurve it

Had a problem that had been "plaguing" the systems here for longer than I've been at this place. Looked at the problem, stroked my cock chin for a minute, and shat out a PowerShell script to automatically resolve the problem any time it shows up. Fifteen minutes of work just saved the department hours of wasted time. » 11/05/14 6:57pm 11/05/14 6:57pm

Realizing my career has changed

Oh boy. Back in the day when I started this whole bullshit endeavor career, "IT" was the thing. The ability to do more than turn it off and on again was lauded. Money was great, companies would fight over someone who knew the real meaning of RCA and anyone who was willing to dig in and learn the ins-and-outs of the… » 10/31/14 10:56am 10/31/14 10:56am

Cigar Review: CAO Flathead V554 Camshaft

Bonus points for A: being my go-to brand and B: playing to my other hobbies. The Camshaft is one of CAO's Flathead cigars, one of four currently available. Also available are V642 Piston, V660 Carb, and V770 Big Block. They are box pressed with a hand-pressed square tip. Like other CAO offerings, the nonstandard shape… » 10/21/14 12:28pm 10/21/14 12:28pm

Nibbles Recommends: The Goat Meal

Way wayy wayyyy back in the day, I used to work for [REDACTED] on neat projects for NASA, JPL, DoD and others. Cool things like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] and the James Webb Space Laser Telescope and the Mars rover and [REDACTED]. One of my colleagues and good friends introduced me to the Jew Goat, later shortened to… » 10/09/14 8:59am 10/09/14 8:59am

I submit that smoked pork loin is the best pork loin.

I should've taken a picture but the loin didn't last more than five minutes. Take one loin at room temperature. Rub with cracked pepper, sea salt and ground savory, top with fresh rosemary. Smoke over hickory at 210° for one hour. Switch to apple and finish at 225° for an hour and a half. Pull from heat, devour, feel… » 10/08/14 8:54am 10/08/14 8:54am